‚Attention Seekers‘ aus dem Communication Directors, 02/2010


Eine passende und überaus treffende Zusammenfassung, wie eigenes Personalmarketing erfolgen sollte oder könnte – meiner Ansicht nach wird es immer wichtiger, die eigene Person und das eigene Können in den Vordergrund zu stellen wird immer wichtiger, um nachhaltig erfolgreich zu sein. Ein Beitrag aus dem Magazin "Communication Director" von Christophe de Callatay: 

A brief summary

"Executive recruiting is arguably the most important and difficult task in the world of business today. Retained executive search consulting is recognised today as a key management tool which helps organisations around the world recruit talented and skilled executives for seldom advertised senior management psoitions. Yet the profession of retained executive search (often described as "headhunters") remains mysterious to many executives and professionals. Most understand that they must actively manage their careers – but they don't really know how. Survey research indicates for example that most people spend more time planning their vacations than their careers! Many simply fail to see the role and value that executive search can play in that endeavour. At one time or another, however, most executives will encounter executive search consultants in their careers. It is therfore well worth the effort to understand how they operate and to get prepared for such encounters."


"JOIN ORGANISATIONS To become known in your profession, join your company's industry association and your professional organisation. Your company no doubt belongs to a trade group or association. If it does not, have it join one; then become one of your company's active representatives. There is an association for virtually every industry and functional area."

"BREAK INTO PRINT AND MEDIA When you are promoted, make sure it is accounced in your industry's trade publications. Write articles for your organisation's newsletter or your industry's trade magazine."

"BE VISIBLE ONLINE AND BUILD UP YOUR PERSONAL BRANDING Having a presence online is a must for executives today. Establishing online visibility leverages and extends professional credibility, and enhances your own reputation as well as that of your company. Develop also the professional image that you want, bringing you closer to achieving your goals. The objective here is to be seen in the best possible light by the people that matter."

"BE ACCESSIBLE TO SEARCH PROFESSIONALS A search professional is typically calling on the basis of research that indicates the prospect may be qualified for greater responsibilities. Why would anyone avoid such phone calls? Dealing with a search professional is a business situation, just like dealing with an employer. A retained search consultant will respect your confidentiality and time. If you prefer, he or she will call you at home during off-hours. He will not pressure you to divulge information or pursue an oppportunity against your wishes. He will not submit your résumé to anyone without your permission. In fact, simply returning calls from search firms can put you on their radar screens."

"TARGET RECRUITERS AND BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Target specific recruiters and build relationships with them before you need a new position. Search consultants typically approach people who are already employed, so approach them when you hold that status. Search consultants specialise along industry or functional lines, or sometimes both (most cover several specialities). It therfore makes sense to target a small number of search firms – and specific consultants – that you want to be known to."

"DEVELOP A POWERFUL, EFFECITVE ELEVATOR PITCH Ensure that if you were given just one or a few minutes to market yourself as an executive, you would say just the right things to get noticed. Have a brief verbal summary of your experience in mind and consider rehearsing it to yourself. You should be able to deliver these career highlights at any given time and be prepared to expand on any point that you make in this summary, if asked to do so."

"NETWORKING AND KEEP NETWORKING Building a network is one thing, but knowing how to use that network effectively to get what you want is quite another. I would limit myself to this simple advice: most of us remember people who helped us, especially if they went out of their way to do so. So when you take a call from a researcher or search consultant or meet people at a trade association (or a civic or charitable organisation – virtually all senior executives belong to at least one), think about what you can do for them."

(Source: Magazin Communication Dirctor, 02/2010, picture: Communication Director)